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Q: I bought Cinderella, and it is running in German only. I have a Mac.
A: You are running Mac OS 9. Please download a replacement for the Cinderella.bin that was copied from your CD from, and replace the original Cinderella.bin with it. This should solve the problem.
Q: Cinderella does not run on my Computer, although I know I have Java 2 installed on it [usually happens on Linux].
A: Some versions of Cinderella will not run on Java 2 virtual machines, as we have disabled this due to the inferior circle drawing of Java 2. You can re-enable Java 2 usage by changing the line ending with "=J1" in the Cinderella.lax file (in the Cinderella installation directory) to end with "=J2 J1".
Q: Cinderella will not start on some Windows versions.
A: This is due to an incompatibility of Windows with the Sun Java VM. You should be able to run Cinderella if you find the line ending with "=J1" in the Cinderella.lax file (in the Cinderella installation directory) and change it to end with "=MSJ". This will enable the use of the Microsoft Java Virtual machine. If this is not installed on you computer you can download a recent version at
Q: There seems to be no installer for Mac OS X on my CD.
A: When Cinderella was released, Mac OS X was not available yet. By now, we do have a bundled Mac OS X version. Please contact together with a proof of purchase in order to download the full version of Cinderella for Mac OS X.
Q: Why can I put a point on a Euclidean circle, but not on a hyperbolic or elliptical one?
A: Cinderella 1.x cannot place points on arbitrary conics currently. Hyperbolic and elliptical Circles can be hyperbolas or other conics, and it is hard to decide how a point on that conic should behave when the conic changes. As a work-around you can draw a line through the center of the conic and use one intersection of that line with the conic. Euclidean circles are special, they never become hyperbolas, and thus we could add special support for points on Euclidean circles.

Cinderella.2 does support points on conics, by the way.
Q: Cinderella 1.2 from Amazon won't install on Windows XP.
A: Please request an upgrade to Cinderella 1.4 at (include your email receipt). We will send you a link to a download.
Q: Cinderella.2 does not seem to install on my Windows XP computer. The installation just freezes.
A: Please try to run the installer in Windows NT/2000 compatibility mode. There seems to be an issue with the installer on some XP/Java installations. We do not understand how this happens, but using the NT compatibility mode works around the problem.