The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella

Support Contacts

In case of trouble with the installation or usage of Cinderella, please check our FAQ and forum first.
If this does not help, please ask at the Electronic Media Helpdesk of Springer, which can be found on the Springer Homepage.

Licensing and Order Information

You can order licenses for Cinderella online. If you have special needs or problems with the online process, please contact us by e-mail.

Contacting us by Mail

Please use this address for contacting the Cinderella authors:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kortenkamp
Weddigenweg 70
D-12205 Berlin

You can also try to send email to, but be aware that we receive hundreds of unsolicited emails a day through this account, which means that we cannot guarantee that we read or answer your email. However, we try anyway.

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