The Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella

Download Cinderella 1.4

We strongly recommend to upgrade to Cinderella.2.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista

To install Cinderella on Windows platforms (you need at least Windows 95, earlier versions are not supported) download and run the
installer with Java Virtual Machine or without Java VM. Unless you are sure to have a working Java Virtual Machine (version 1.1 or higher) it is recommend to use the installer with included Java.

You will be guided through the installation process. Depending on your Windows version and the installed system software the installation process will vary. If you chose the installer with included Java the installer will install the Java 2 platform 1.4.1 SE from Sun Microsystems.

Mac OS X, Version 10.1 and higher
To install Cinderella on Mac OS X, just download the disk image. If necessary, mount the disk image and drag the Cinderella application to any location you choose.

Mac OS 9
For Mac OS 9 you can download an installer that includes the latest MRJ (Macintosh Java Runtime) version 2.2.5 from here. Decompress the installer using StuffIt? Expander and run it. You will be guided through the installation.

If you already have the latest version of the MRJ, you can also use the alternate installer without Java which is a faster download.

We recommend upgrading to Mac OS X, if possible, and do not support Mac OS 9 officially.

For Linux (i386) you can find the installer here. Download and run this file to start the installer (which includes a Java VM).

Please be aware that there are too many different flavors of Linux to be supportable.

Generic Unix
If you have a Java VM (version 1.1.6 or higher) on your Unix-based workstation, you might be able to run Cinderella. Please download this executable and run it.

SHARP Zaurus
Please use the IPK found at /files/cinderella_20031117_arm.ipk. It should work an all Sharp Zaurus models, using either the Jeode VM or the Sun J2ME (faster!).

Other Java-enabled platforms
If you are using none of the above operating systems, but still have a Java Virtual Machine, you can try to use the all-Java installer found here. Download the JAR file and try to run it. YMMV. If you need help, please contact us.

last modification: Monday 16 of June, 2008 [15:20:56 UTC]